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blahhh [21 Jun 2005|05:00pm]
[ mood | bored ]

ok. so im REALLY rEALLY bored. only ONE more final left :) yay!!
today i took global... which was actually very easy. there were like 2 mult choice ?s which i was unsure of... but i think i did well on my essays. thematic was global problems (r u kidding me? was NOT on the little theme thing in the bk) but w/e it was really easy-- i did environmental pollution and refugees (lol i wrote about vietnamese boat people.. who knew that would EVER be useful? lol) and the DBQ was ridiculously general it annoyed me. throughout history many wars have occured. no shit. so we had to put reasons and outcomes of wars, and it just got annoying b/c u could write soo mcuh. soo i wrote a lootttt like about 5 pages ea i think. so i think i did well on those.. idk how they grade them so w/e. i left like at 11:00 after id finisehd writing and doing that stupid thing where u have to write all the answers twice and x it with pen.. stupid.
oo and i saw jleno in the halls and she stopped me to say that i got 100 on math final.. YAY :-D
so then i got home... and i just like lied there cus im really bored. i found out my sat ii score after multiple trials of my password (had to get a new one) and i got a 710. which im happy about, its not amazzingg but i thought it was really hard so its good.
tmrws bio so ive been looking over some stuff but not really cus i studied for sat iis so regents is really stupid. and i have no more energy for studying. so im basically lying there watching crap tv and being bored out of my mind :).
anyway.. yea eng, french finals were good. and after tmrw IM FREE!!! yay. so if u wanna make plans... dont hesitate. i get a haircut on thurs and im leaving sat morning. i thought i was leaving earlier... but oh well thats okay :) and hten PLP TENNIS CAMP!!! yayyyyyyyyyyy and then plp.. and then YALE. ahh really excited, really nervous.. but im kinda pissed cus i still dont no my add/rooming arrangements. and i wanna know. :) so summer should be fun.
oo michelle.. lol today i got a letter addressed "Jina" which is kinda really stupid. i mean who would think gina is jina? my dad came in and starts claling me jinna and i just thought he was being wierd but he was actually calling me by the letter. and all i could think of was jinnah the head of the muslim league. which is why i really need this summer. but guess who its from-- adri from lindgren. did u get one michy poo? she said she sent a note feb--? and i never replied--? and that shell give an acknowledgement if i write her--? ok w/e i thought my parents talked to her... adn they did lol shes wierd. but she said that shes hiring for next summer in feb---!!! so yaay i might have a job and get to see willow and emily again. lol
o ?- does anyone watch abcfamily? haha i do. cus im pathetic and have nothing else to do but watch tv. i usu read during the summer but i have nothing to read. (michelle was spost to lend me the bk but sehs michelle lol) anyway.. so there was a new show on last night. wildfire? i no sounds really stupid but i liked it. maybe im just growing desperate with the loss of all my tv shows but w/e. u should watch lol.

yay so this summer thing is surreal and im very happy that tmrw i shall be FREEEEEEEE YAYYYY no more biology, global, w/e we did in math, barufaldi, bilodeau (well for a yr) EVER AGAIN. now thats something to celebrate.

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stolen from madeline [19 Mar 2005|01:53pm]
"This is the problem with Livejournal: We all think we are so close, and yet we know nothing about each other. I'm going to rectify it. I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me; something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Then post this in your Livejournal and find out what people don't know about you."
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[03 Mar 2005|05:04pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

hello. im sulking and procrastinating and decided to update. of course i have to announce a reason considering how rare this is. uh... well, during vacances it was pretty boring:

city- grandma came,saw gates, moma, bored to death
english project
other english project
more english project
nyc library-- im a member!! :) how exciting
city- shopping

yeah, and that was that. oo i must say i did try that myspace out (actually got an account in other words) didnt feel like doing anything with it, and i discovered it was kind of stupid and pointless and i dont have enough time for this as it is. so i deleted my account-- just in case someone is wondering why its gone, thouh i dont htink anyone would...

its march.. the month of dread and anticipation. NEXT wednesday-- leve for mun trip, frday leave early, sat regional nhd... then later quebec/ montreal trip.... then like april 1st or something math thing due, and birthday apr 3... omg!! today is one month till b day!!! yay!!!. start shopping people.

nhd (cus it consumes my life nowadays) status: finished EXCEPt for music, process paper, biblio. funny how everyone always laughs at me when i add those buts/excepts. well if only you knew how much i got done over vacation. then u would LAUGH.

o got to go watch gilmore girls rereuns. my new obsession i no terribly wierd. dont laugh


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friends only yo! [31 Dec 2004|08:32pm]

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herodula!! [26 Oct 2004|04:41pm]
OMG!! TODAY WAS AMAZING!! imax trip!! -mad, marie, melissa, shalini, dora--

bugs movie--
OMFG!! some of hte funniest stuff all year right here... (3D bug porn- does it get any BETTER than THAT??!! [the answer is no])
it was about papilio and hierodula... papilio is a fat caterpillar/ buteeful butterfly. HE IS A CHAMPION EATER--- JUST LIKE ME!!!lmao
hierodula is a SEXY (LITERALLY) PRAYING MANTIS!! best scene ever= hierodula has sexual intercourse with a female mantis. im like PORN!!. so anyway best line ever:: "the female charms hierodula by wiggling and giving off a seductive scent." ahh!! obviously, we couldn't stop wiggling and giving off seductive scents for the rest of the day. and annoying shalini by telling her to wiggle cus she has a seductive scent. and then heirodula has to stroke the female "mate" it was quite graphic. i mean it really looked WRONG. and then earlier we had seen hierodula nude (shedding his skin) so yea we were just having so much fun with this movie and the totally hip 7th graders behind us... but then!! the ending!! heirodula eats papillo!!! we were all crying... so then at the end we made a decision that we will have a funeral:

(and may that evil murderer hierodula be forgiven and remembered as the sex god and porn star that he is:) )

and then melissa and i shared popcorn and watched the t-rex movie, which wasnt really exciting except for the fact that the girl is pathetically in love with the tyrannosaurus rex. (who happens to be a female)

and then we got to go to the food court!! yay!! go sesame chiken rice bowl!

and then we were waiting a long time and went into fye to find legolas cardboard thing but we got off track. but dora nicely told us that orlando bloomm lost his virginity at age 13 with a "british rose" lol

and then!! we saw a cell phone color that said "bitch, sultry slut, porn star.. etc" so it like totally fits hierodula!

and then on the bus (o and on the way there mad and i sang ave q the whole time) we talked about doppelgangers. im gonna be my own doppelganger for halloween! ha!

then after mad and i missed math league so we went to mun which wasnt really fun b/c i was horrible today. as i always am. and the teacher doesnt like me and im never gonna go to nyc. SHIT. o well id quit but i like it too much... except for the fact that i suck.

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TODAY [25 Oct 2004|05:47pm]
You may have noticed a pattern, that I only write in my lj when im in a pissy mood... and of course that's why im writing today, i mean its logical isnt it?? when im happy ill go off and do soemthing worthwhile, but when im depressed, i sit at my computer nad bitch about it....

theres a certain someone whos PISSING ME OFF INCCREDIBLY. and now they're making me break my promise to myself that id try not to get mad at ppl.... because im so sick of all these fights!... and i kept it up pretty well uptil now, though i guess it doesnt count cus i have a very REASONABLE... reason. lol
bio: the usual, except for some exciting pictures, and a screwed up diachotamus key...
global: that teacher really annoys me (which sucks cus shes the teacher for 2 of my clubs- the important ones too) we did laissez-faire today. yay. idt she likes me. and theres this girl in the back of the class who really annoys me, dont ask y... im just disturbed...
gym: we moved to the dark and depressing anex gym...
math: normal....
tv: actually really fun... i like doing the camera stuff :)
french: that teacher is so messed up. she spends half the period deciding how to split us up into groups. and then she purposely makes unnecessary groups of 3 cus she didnt want madeline and i to vbe togethor!! god y does she hate us so much!!?? ok, don't answer that... lol
english: i actually like this story... lol w.e
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Madeline is going to help me write this! [01 Oct 2004|08:08pm]
so mad's here and says "u must update ur lj!"

so yesterday we went to a certain "place" to see a certain "person" who surprisingly was there. hehe hottness. tho we didnt have the pleasure to see the face , (though madeline enjoyed the backside) it was so fun lol.

this week was TAB insaneness....
here's the theory about melvina and lucy's pix:
Tabby, the amazing super tabby-cat, used her x-ray vision and her razor-sharp talons to break into Alex's locker. There, she placed the pictures of Lucy and Melvin. She knew that wanted Alex to suspect her, and therefore do something to her. That we have not learned yet. Then, she saw us walking up the hill talking about what happened, and she strageically placed some mayonnaise there, knowing that we would stop talking about her and talk about the mayonnaise. But oh Gina, we are much to quick for that. And we already have the proof from yesterday that she is a liar, so there is really not much left to discover. We just have to take her down to the station, book her, and lock her in her cage in my basement.
-Tom's theory on the appearance of Melvin and Lucy in Alex's locker.

adn i could say more.... but what's more important than stalkign?!
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[23 Sep 2004|06:07pm]
Right now you are down and out and feeling really crappy

I'll say.

And when I see how sad you are
It sort of makes me...


Sorry, Nicky, human nature-
Nothing I can do!
Making me feel glad that I'm not you.

Well that's not very nice, Gary!

I didn't say it was nice! But everybody does it!

D'ja ever clap when a waitress falls and drops a tray of glasses?


And ain't it fun to watch figure skaters falling on their asses?


And don'tcha feel all warm and cozy,
Watching people out in the rain!

You bet!



People taking pleasure in your pain!

Oh, Schadenfreude, huh?
What's that, some kinda Nazi word?

Yup! It's German for "happiness at the misfortune of others!"

"Happiness at the misfortune of others." That is German!

Watching a vegetarian being told she just ate chicken

Or watching a frat boy realize just what he put his dick in!

Being on the elevator when somebody shouts "Hold the door!"


"Fuck you lady, that's what stairs are for!"

Ooh, how about...
Straight-A students getting Bs?

Exes getting STDs!

Waking doormen from their naps!

Watching tourists reading maps!

Football players getting tackled!

CEOs getting shackled!

Watching actors never reach

The ending of their oscar speech!

The world needs people like you and me who've been knocked around by fate.
'Cause when people see us, they don't want to be us, and that makes them feel great.

We provide a vital service to society!

You and me!
Making the world a better place...
Making the world a better place...
Making the world a better place...
To be!

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What's this I'm writing??? An entry!!!! In less than a week from the last one!!! Oh MY!!

hehe I;d like to greet all teh lj stalkers out there, like usual, you know who you are.

So. . . . Today SuCkEd. Cha.
Math test was really hard... though I was one of the very few to actually finish in time. would have stayed longer if he hadn't said he wouldnt give me a pass and i thought id prolly get detention. but i thouht it was pretty hard and long... but i think i did pretty well.
French test.... cannot even be considered a quiz. Atleast i know I'll have one subj this year that I'll do well in.
M. UN -- REALLY REALLY REALLY upset. ok.... so i didnt make it for hte conference. Instead Im watdayacallit-- going only if someone cant go. but i think theyr like 15 of those. ok... so i know that freshmen dont like go... adn i wouldnt really be upset if 4 of the 5 freshmen to make it, and the only 4 friends I have in the whole club were the ones to get in!!!! ahhh!!!!!!!! so if it werent for htat, id defenitely not care. i didnt think i was gonna make it neway. but now everyones gonna go and have a great time w/o me. except tom b/c hes cool and he decided not to go so maybe next time well be the only new comers :) but still REALLY upset. i mean i spent forever on that f-ing essay.... and idk wats wrong with it. but evidently theres something wrong with it or me esp since its my own teacher who heads the un!!! yes,,, there ya go. i said IT! i admit!! everyones telling me to stop saying that im not perfect and im bad and pathetic and all of the above. But I do think that and im not just trying to get pity or w/e. im just bitching to u cus thats wat a lj is for in my humble opinion.... and i feel like it. so neway,, congrats to amy, jordana, madeline, and (tom).

oo and tennis-- mich adn i lost or "exhibition" but the ppl were really good... and we had fun doing mich's english hw. lol

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'Lo ! [16 Sep 2004|07:19pm]
OK, so I'm gonna tell you this now. For all you no-life-er's that spend ur free time reading other ppl's ljs..... sorry but I'm prolly like hardly ever going to write. But I'll write now anyway.

So... first week of school. At first I thought it was really cool but then Mich was complaining about how ms was so much better... and I realized that it is. And I don't really like it. I miss my friends cus we never get to talk nemore... esp w/o the whole lunch thing. it sux. and i dont like the classes im in cus when i do have friends in them i never get to talk... and i hate the 10th grade classes like ss and eng b/c i feel all lonely and stuff and i used to think b4 school started that it be ok cus id make new friends and stuff.... but im not. and yeah i miss the good parts about school and the breaks. but i do like the freedom of hs and walking outside lol. except when its pouring rain yeah. but sometimes that isnt so bad. and i hate my tennis coach. and i hate how my ww and tv teacher expect everyone to no exactly wat they want to do... and i used to think i was good at that kind of stuff (writing and the tv thing) but now i feel really uncreative. cus i never no wat to do. and i no its not a big deal but w/e. also i got to see ave q on sat!!!! or... half of it. there was tons of traffic and stuff into the city for bwy on bwy and there was an accident.... so i ended up missing half the play andd i was sooooo upset. but i loved it anyway. yea and then we got the cd off itunes but it turned out that it was kinda messed up so some of the ppl in the songs are like really quiet sounding cus its all messed up so i was pist at that too.... oh, and btw im not really obsessed with ave q like sarah is with wicked or something i just really like it and had nothing else to design my lj with. lol.
but sat is amy's thing and im happy b/c i really miss my homies. and that is the end of
"Why 'It Sucks to be Me.'"

So this 4 day weekend i have to do the M.UN report thing--- who else is doing it?? im not sure where to start lol. help plz

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[02 Sep 2004|07:25pm]
ok just b/c im on a roll with this whole updating stuff--- comment and tell me this:

Should I change my bkgrnd etc? And if so to what?


talk cha
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i felt like doing this [02 Sep 2004|07:21pm]
Have you ever...
[ ] been drunk.
[ ] smoked pot.
[ ] kissed a member of the same sex.
[x] rode in a taxi.
[ ] been dumped.
[ ] shoplifted.
[ ] been fired.
[ ] been in love.
[x] been in a fist fight. well, kind of
[ ] snuck out of your parent's house.
[ ] been arrested.
[ ] celebrated new years in times square. ahhh!! i want to1
[ ] went on a blind date.
[x] lied to a friend.
[ ] had a crush on a teacher.
[ ] celebrated mardi-gras in new orleans.
[x ] been to europe.
[] skipped school.
[ ] hooked up with a stranger.
[ ] thrown up from drinking.
[ ] lost your sibling.
[x] played 'clue'.
[x] had a sleepover party.
[x] went ice skating.
[ ] been cheated on.
[ ] had a sweet sixteen.
[ ] had a quinceanera.
[] had a bar/bat mitzvah.
[ ] had a car.
[] drove.
[ ] had sex.
Do you...
[ ] have a bf.
[ ] have a gf.
[ ] have a crush.
[x] feel loved
[x] feel lonely.
[x] feel happy.
[ ] hate yourself.
[ ] think youre attractive.
[x ] have a dog
[x] have your own room.
[x] listen to r&b/ hip hop
[x] listen to rap.
[x] listen to rock.
[ ] listen to soul.
[ ] listen to techno.
[ ] listen to reggae.
[] paint your nails.
[x] have more than 1 best friend.
[ ] masterbate.
[x] get good grades.
[x ] play an instrument
[x] have slippers.
[ ] wear boxers.
[ ] wear black eyeliner
[x] like the color blue.
[x] like the color yellow.
[ ] cyber.
[ ] claim.
[x ] like to read.
[x ] like to write.
[x ] have long hair. -ish
[ ] have short hair.
[ x] have a cell phone.
[x] have a laptop.
[ ] have a pager.
Are you...
[x ] ugly.
[ ] pretty.
[x] ok.
[x] bored.
[x] happy.
[] bilingual.
[x] white.
[ ] black.
[ ] filipino
[ ] mexican
[ ] asian.
[ ] bolivian
[ ] short.
[x ] other
[ ] tall.
[ ] grounded.
[ ] sick.
[x] lazy.
[x] single.
[ ] taken.
[ ] looking.
[x] not looking.
[ ] talking to someone.
[ ]IMing someone.
[x] scared to die. well kind of if u think about it
[x} sleepy.
[x] annoyed.
[ ] on the phone.
[x]in your room.
[ ] drinking something.
[ ] eating something.
[ ] in your pjs.
[x] ticklish.
[x] listening to music.
[ ] homophobic
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hello there [02 Sep 2004|07:06pm]
[ mood | tired and hungry ]

hey ppl have ben complaining that i haven't been updating this thing.... but idk if i really will anymore it's kind of tedious.... but anyway, ill give u my shcedule even though school starts wed.

per 1- bio- mccarthy
per 2- day 1,3,5--Writers Workshop- Tavolacci
per 2- day 2,4,6--Bio lab- mccarthy
per3- global- mattocks
per4- days 1,3,5-- lunch
per4- days 2,4,6-- PE- petrillo
per5- math-lennnon
per 6- tv-kaminski
per 7- french- bilodeau
per 8- english-- barufaldi

tell me if we have any classes togethor!



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[31 Jul 2004|04:25pm]
What Color is Your Brain?

brought to you by Quizilla
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oh, i love these things! [14 Jul 2004|06:13pm]
[ mood | tired ]

[ BASICs ]
name: GiNa
b-day: 4/3
nicknames: um.... homie-g? lol nothing really otherwise
location: new city
Statz: single
School: north!!!!! h.s. here i come! lol
hair color: brown
eye c0lor: brown-ish
Make-up: sometimes
You keep a diary: no
You have a journal: does this count?
You set your watch a few minutes ahead: maybe i would if i knew how to f*-ing set my watch.... lol but sometimes i set my alarm clock a few minutes ahead ;)
You bite your fingernails: no
You believe in love at first sight: no, i believe in really liking someone when u first see them but its not reallllyyy "love" unless you really know them.
[ DO YOU ]
Take a shower everyday: yes
Have a(any) crush(es): not now
Think you know you've been in love: no
Want to get married: yes
Have any tattoos/where?: no
Piercings/where?: ears
Get motion sickness: sometimes in the car.... but not enough to vomit since i was little, though i did ONCE on a boat--- scuba diving- eck it was gross
Think you're a health freak: no
Get along with your parents: depends.... heh
Ben: lots of ppl
Ava: hmm.... that sounds familiar... i might no someone named that
Bob: family friend, burgundy bob lol... wats this spost to be about? lol
Rebecca: uh idk
Ashley: idk
Brad: huh?
Ricky: ullman!! lol
Sarah: my stuffed animal..... haha
Amanda: idk ppl from schooll
MONTH: april
SONG: idk
SEASON: summer.... just b/c no schoool
SPORT: tennis
DRINK: vanilla bean frap
FRUIT: hm.... maybe kiwi of mango or something? lol
FAST FOOD: none of the above, thanks. wait... does pizzas count?lol
BOUGHT SOMETHING? does it count if my mom bought it for me?lol
GONE TO THE MOVIES? yes... king arthur
GONE OUT FOR DINNER? does pizza count?
SAID "I LOVE YOU"? idt so... maybe to my m/d?
TALKED TO SOMEONE YOU CRUSH ON? dont have one...really nemore
Eat a bug? not for not reason
Bungee jump? yes!!
Hang glide? its
Kill someone? NO!!!
Have sex with someone you don't love? NO
Kiss someone of the same sex? mom? (cheek preferably)
Parachute from a plane? yea fun... though id be scared like hell
Walk on hot coals? not for no reason
Go out with someone for their looks? not for only their looks
For their reputation? "repuation?" idts
Be a vegetarian? sure why not
Wear plaid with stripes? oh god no!! lol not ordinarily
IM a stranger? i s'pose so
Sing karaoke? uh not for no reason
Get drunk? no
Shoplift? no
Run a red light? yeah lol
Dye your hair blue? no!! id be a traitor to plp!
Be on Survivor? no
Wear makeup in public? yes
NOT wear makeup in public? yes
Make someone cry? not on purpose
Kick a baby? no!
Date someone more than ten years older than you? no unless it was like orlando bloom or something lmao
Stay up all through the night? yes
Abercrombiie or Ameriican Eaqle - a.e.
Sneakers or Sandlez - sandles i s'pose... it really depends on the shoe
Jarule or 5o Cent - idc lol
Tattoo or peircinqz - peircings
t0unqe riinq or n0se riinq - i guess if i had to choose... nose
belly button or n0se riinq - belly button
partay or club - partay
diiam0nd or qold or whiite q0ld or platiinum - diamond
city or c0untry - city
kiisses or hugzz - hugs i guess
thonqz or panties - panties
f0ne or im - fone, but i think sometimes its easier to talk on im
white chocolate or dark chocolate - white i think
ind0or or 0utd0or - outdoor
h0t tub or p0ol - pool
5o cent or G-Uniit - idc
Hardest Class: either eng. or ss
Easiest Class: math
Most Fun Class: it depends
Best Teacher: mrs. duitz
Worst Teacher: mme. bitch... o sry, i mean DILL (pickle)
Best Grade: 100 (or i dont remember.... i might've gotten over...)
Worst Grade: i thihnk like 80%.... but idt it was out of 100 pts.
Boring/Fun Lunch: fun (when im acvtually in the lunch rm lol)
Detentions: none
Best Game: huh?
Worst Game: huh?
Most Fun Dance: d'you mean school dance?? only one... but Oh! maybe the one in maryland counts? lol that was called a "dance" i think
Newest Friend: Megan Prior (plp)
Oldest Friend: emily (lucy doesnt count rite lol)
Favorite Memory: idk.... i guess maryland
Embarrassing Memory: eh... let's not think about that, shall we?
Worst Memory: probly showing my video to dr k and mrs p and almost crying when... o nvm let's forget it
Best School Meal: idk
Worst School Meal: idk... i think i didnt have a lunch once lol o yeah! and then in science i found it at the btm of my bag all smooshed (id thought id lost it.)lol
Friend that you're glad you don't have: huh? i dont really understand... if u mean person im glad's not my friend... well, let's just say its not nice to name names.
Spring Break/Winter Break: winter --- curacao... certified open water scuba diver :-D
Biggest Fight: eck.... let's forget about that
Coolest Trend: my british slang. lol michelle (so what if i'm the only one that caught on to the trend. lol actually i do remember michelle using it sometimes at the end of the yr.!)
Dumbest Trend: idk.... any form of jap clothes trend stuff....
Good/Bad Year: good overall

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GOOD DAY!!! [22 Jun 2004|02:34pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

hehe. so yes, i admit it, i went to school today. and i mean who goes to school when they don't have to?? well, me. lol but the point is it was funeven tho a tad bit boring. but i have to go again tmrw to give mrs. duitz my math textbk and so mr. hollub can grade my rocket- :( o well. so if ur reading this.... please come!!! i dont want to be alone lol. madeline is tho, wat a great friend lol. so anyway: i hung out with mad, sarah, mich, jordana, and alexa.... first kinda watched/talked during a movie thing in hmrm, talked and signed yrbks in mrs duitz rm (where i found out i had not given back my math textbk back yet!! and she wouldnt give my my final grade :( but condemned me and madeline for trying to sneak a look-- "the nice girls are always sneaky" lol and madeline and i made a welcome note on her cell phone saying 'madeline and gina love rupert grint' and of course mad had to show mrs. duitz lol) so then went to french, got grades, left and (woot no more mme dill!) and went to chill with Homie-F. lol then science went over regents. :)

so these are the grades i got today::

math: i no my final is from 96-99. my q. avg and final avg is of course a+....
science: omg!! i thought i failed the regents and i got.... 96!! lol i was soooo happy. but idk how i got soo good lol i feel stupid for being so scared. anyway- 97 for 4Q, and 96 for final avg. :) and 98 for the assessment :)
french:: 99 on prof./final, 4Q- a, final avg- a!

oh, and i was also very happy b/c mr. festa said to me that he doesnt usu. tell people but he got the note thing or w/e for star awards or somehting, and i was the "second valedictorian" (after jessica) !! (idk is that like saledictorian or something lol) yay!! so happy.... good grades today :) (btw: im not bragging. so if u think i am tehn... u shouldnt have read this in the first place lol)

. sry, but when i have time and actually feel like doing it, ill update about NHD. everything. that will take a while tho.... (ooohhh yeah)


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la-dee-da-dee-daaaaa [11 Jun 2004|08:15pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Oh, today was such a lovely day! (for the most part, anyway) :)
First of all: happy "birthday" to My Meechelle, (my bell,)!!
So very happy b/c i officially have something to do over the summer!!! yAY!!!!!! (other than plp :) ahhh! excited!!) Mich and I are going to volunteer, kinda lol, at a kiddie art camp in NJ and do this thing... yeah its really cool. (and always good on ur college record....vol.!)

So, neway, 1-3 periods had the surprisingly easy english final!! i wont say much more, but i was expecting an even scarier version of the awful midterm, but what i got was much.... nicer :) i finished like 15 minutes into 3rd period after checking it very carefully... but did not turn it in b/c i was scared they would send me to 3rd period and i would have to deal with mme dill and my not-done-hw. but after i saw ali handing it in and not leaving, i followed suit, and got to sit for a while in the luxury of having finished the english final. ahh, the relief!! so then after alex and marie had finished; ali, jessi, alex, marie, and i tlaked about the final. then alex and i headed off to english which was so fun b/c i got to look down on all the pitiful souls suffering in their anguish of waiting for the evil english final. oh, how i love having ppl scurry over to me to find out what the final was like!
then tech final-- not as great as english, considering even tho mr holub said we knew everything on the final, we didnt even learn half of it. and i would no cus i studied useless stuff that wasnt on it!!!
lunch-- well for the 15 minutes i got to spend with birthday girl mmichelle it was fine, but then when i was getting a pass to bring my blue card to the nurse, dr kalmar comes and looking very pist off asks me to come to the class. so i was dragged off by her in her very bad mood to find out useless info about sunday. then i finally got to go to the nurse quicky btwn bells b4 science. and i hear dr k was really mad. 1st of all--- she NEVER told me i had to go, and i had excuses. 2nd of all--- last time i went we jsut watched toms performance (not that that wasnt enjoyable, but i mean wats the pt of going?) 3rd of all-- dr k was pist at me for not bringing a video. hellO!!! when did she expect me to make one? wed. i was completely packed with the moving up, yesterday with an ortho appt, piano lesson, and 2 finals to study for. just to see her be disappointed at how little ive changed, get mad, look like i obviously wont win (which i already know w/o her help, and telling me stupid things that ill have no time to do, regardless of the fact that id actually like to spend my last full day in FFMS at lunch with my FRIENDS?? nope. of course id rather hear dr k's bitching! as i have learned, there is absolutely nothing gained by doing exactly what THEY want you to.

science: im terrified about the regents. but neway, i got a 23/23 on the lab part!!! WOOOTTTT!!! YAY!!!!!! so happy :) lol alex did too and we were like woah. lol. we did another practice review, having fun with the gay little cartoon. lol

ss: omg!! SOOOO FUN!!! "FESTIVUS" with yummmyy foods and girls vs. boys, which was soo unfair cus only 3 girls were actually taking the final, and all the boys were... they won 15-12, but that's ok. little cheaters. distracting us with dan's twinkie-box hat. lmao.

after school: tennis!! ahh talking in french and being really TOO hyper. he got pist at us but thats ok. i didnt feel like trying. haha emily.

and alas, my last day of FFMS has passed. however happpy,, oh it's sad too..... lol does that make sense? anyway, so yeah. we leave sunday. gotta do shit for thattt damnnnnnnnnnnnn

adieu adieu! farewell! ta ta!! ttfn!! CHEERS!!!! SEE YOU!!

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ummmmmmmmmmmm [08 Jun 2004|05:04pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

ok. so i'm updating b/c i just feel like venting out all my anger, etc, and i haven't really updated in a WHILe. so the interesting stuff: last weekend: saw hp. O. M. G.!!! ahhh!! it was soooo good!!! i loved it, as a movie, but looking back at it, i don't really love it as the movie of the book, if u catch my drift. it seemed a bit rushed and skipped over some points and i think it'd be really confusing if u hadn't read it, so it was a bit disappointing in that way. but, it rocked sooo much better than chris colombus' disney-ish, baby-ish, un-darkish movies. the special effects were great. BUT i must include the HIGHLIGHT of the film. it starts with an R..... u.....p.... ok, ok, ok!!! RUPERT GRINT!!! ahhhh lol sry. ron's my fave char. and my fav. actor on the movie ;) sooo hot. sorry. i usu. don't make comments like that, but i think that everyone has grown considerably on the hp set if u catch my drift, and they seem to be getting more attractive... ;) (except for tom felton :P lol)
anywaY, i spent the rest of my wknd basically doing the minimum amount i had to do for hw, nhd, etc. got new coolio sneaks and bathing suits. o and my grandma came, not that that ended well. lol....
then the dreaded monday. all hell breaks loose. not like it was a very nice weekend besides the hp movie, not going into details.... so anyway wed is moving up, and science lab thing which Sucks (with a cap S) and thurs mini final test thing in ss, friday tech and ENG finals which will be really hard, esp eng b/c ms sheridan's tests are aLWAYS hard, esp that damn midterm. so my life is sucking right about now, though i don't think anyone would ever realyl understand... not to mention nhd i leave sunday which ive been completely dreading b/c of the work and my inevitable losing... but now im actually looking soo much forward to it, just b/c it will mean getting away from some ppl. "some ppl" + my parents. wont go into either one.... but anyway. so i feel like the only person i can really count on this week to actually CARE is jordana (:]) tho i only see her in s.h. usually.... yeah so i kind of lost it today in the halls on my way to s.h.... i dont really feel like going into details, but let's just say i think it's the first time in all my years at ffms. fuck.
"cheers," or "see you." pick which u prefer. all quoted from the same "God."

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MEEEchelle MY BELL [02 Jun 2004|07:05pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

This update is dedicated to Michelle, because apparently I don't update enough for those people who have no lives and are constantly checking others' lj/pf's for updates... (ie michelle) So now I'm going to attempt to "spice it [michelle's life] up a notch."

today:: ss assessment. wow i was so terrified, but it was really easy!! i think i did really well, except i know I got one stupid question wrong. grr.
english: 88 on the r+j test. ehh :P and of course we have ANOTHER test tomorrow, which we just found out about TODAY.

lunch: michelle, you are one funny girl. hehe

science: 97 baby. I ROCK! so does mad, same grades ;) (not bragging, not bragging!!!!!)

gym: awwwww!!! last day changing :'( *tear tear* gym this year was soooo fun.

ss: remember the titans! i saw part of it b4 ;) go me, i like it. hehee

went on the lj community thing that sarah told me about, but guess what??????? RUPERT GRINT WAS TAKEN!! AND SO WAS RON WEASLEY... LOL!!!! IM SO UPSET!! esp since i cant have ricky ullman cus that would be mean to madeline, and im A GOOD FRIEND!!

anyway, then i talked to meghan!! yay!! ooo i cant wait till plp :) soon, too! and it was so deja vu cus we were talking about the hp movie, (which btw i could have seen TODAY, but school day and hw and assessment and evil parents etc....) and SHE ALREADY SAW IT!! AHH I WAS PRACTICALLY GREEN WITH JEALOUSY!! but she said it was REALLY GOOD! BEST ONE EVER!! so must see it friday... or soon lol cant wait!!! ::image of rupert grint comes into head, sigghhhhh:: lol madeline

CHEERS!!! (guess where the word comes from? won't say b/c u already think im too obsessed.)lol

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333 ddaayyyy wweeekkkeeennndddd!!!!! [31 May 2004|09:45pm]
'ello all! if u haven't yet.... scroll down and do my music thingy. coolio!
ok... well i must update about this wknd cus it was a good one!!

friday: sports world trip!!! welll a bunch of stuff happened... but basically, i spent most of the time with sarah.... and there were a lot of cutters and mean ppl so we didnt get to do all the exciting stuff we wanted to do.... but anyway we had fun... playing the arctic w/e game! it was soo funn!! and i actually won 1/4 games!! ((u have no idea how bad i am at these things. that is an accomplishment. haha)) and i almost won the 4th one, but certain boy japs came and disrupted the experience. :P grr anyway... afterwards we saw the lamest and worst band ffmms could possibly find! yay!! he totally ruined a lot of songs, but festa ppl performed and they were all amazing! yeah!! (esp sarah!! im so proud!! now i no y she said to make sure she doesnt lose her voice and wouldnt sing for me... and etc etc) so yeah. then i got home and i went shooping with my majha and sista for grad. stuff with little success. then had dinner at stir crazy with the whole fam and saw TROY!!! ahh! it was good. im sry, orlando bloom is too hot for words. haha

saturday: entire science regents review pkt and math final review-test thingy. *phew*

sunday: studied a very tad bit for ss assessment.... then lucy and i had a huge water fight outside with the hose cus she chased me outside and then my mom was gardening so i stole the spray hosey thing, but then i let her take it from me cus i was hot, and oh it was fun. lol then later went out to NJ with michelle, madeline, lucy, and ma dad. it wass sooo fun in the car listening to z100. madeline is ghetto in the inside!! our brush the dirt off your shoulder moves, and my face lmao! the obsession with roses and my brilliant deductions of what it means!!! then we went to get italiam ices *yum* and saw ny minute!! Lol i no its lame, but it was funny. my dad saw the day after tomorrow, which i am dYING to see. so neway, the movie was good except for some certain NY JAPS all wearing similar skirts, sitting in front of us. oyeee. anyway, afterwards we got to walk around the town in the dark aLONE cus my dad was still int eh movie, and it was tres fun!! all teh closed stores, the mini-malll, the alleyways, the really bad band playing, the creepy guy who scared michelle, the other ppl who were laughing at us, the ppl in the suv who screamed something that sounded like "cheers" at us... which would have been WAY too wierd, considering its MY word!!! lol madeline and I goggling at rupert grint in the hp movie poster, oh and i forgot before the movie!! the decision when u get candy: one road- luscius chocolate. the other: artificial flavoring. can't have both, so watcha gonna choose???? artificial flavoring!!! lol except when michelle grows up shes gonna make a combo. RIGH-T. lmao. and then listening to zee ipods and driving home and having pizza and yeah it was great. fun fun fun.

today (aka sunday))-- studied a tad for science and eng tests.... then went to the city!! o yeah!! urban outfitters is the best store on earth. i gots a reallllyyy cute dress for moving up ceremony, a realllyyyy cute skirt, and a realllyyy cute wallet. lol. funnn!!!!! then went to a malaysian restaurant for dinner and a shoe store for my sis. and went home. and tada. my weekend. enjoy
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